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     Most people charged with a criminal offense find it to be one of the most frightful and traumatic experiences of their life. That's where a criminal lawyer can come into the picture. A criminal lawyer helps you navigate those troubled waters and prepares you for the legal difficulties that can follow a criminal accusation. Jacob Hyde of Hyde Law is a very capable criminal defense lawyer.

     Hyde Law, PLLC focuses on criminal law and criminal defense. As a criminal lawyer Jacob Hyde understands that you, the client, are the master of the facts in your case. Thus, a criminal defense attorney brings their knowledge of the law to support and evaluate your case.

     A criminal accusation and or guilty verdict may affect your life far beyond the punishment or sentence set forth by the court. Quite often, these charges can affect multiple aspects of your life. Some examples include job placements, educational endeavors, and professional opportunities.

     In general, criminal law is broken down into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. A criminal defense lawyer advises you regarding the options for your case, which can include dismissal, charge reduction, plea negotiation, or going to trial. The following list explains the potential range of punishment for a charge, and what your attorney uses to negotiate a potential plea.

Misdemeanor ranges of punishment:

Felony ranges of punishment, generally:

So if you find yourself needing the advise of a criminal lawyer please call or e-mail Hyde Law, PLLC now to protect your rights and help you navigate the criminal justice system.

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